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Matt Helders Fans


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Welcome to matthelders, a community for those who are fans of Arctic Monkeys drummer, Matt Helders. Come and share the love!

A few simple rules just to make sure this place doesn't fall into complete ruin:
- Try to keep on topic. Helders-related stuff is cool. Monkeys-related stuff is cool.

- If you're posting a pic or a lot of icons, put them behind an LJ-cut. You can find out how to do this here. Some of us are unfortunate enough to still be on dialup, so it's important.

- Speaking of pics, no hotlinking or anything. Get a photobucket and upload them yourself.

- Try to keep the fangirling to a minimum. Obviously since this community focuses on a red-blooded young man there's going to be some hormones flying around. That's cool, but try to control yourselves. A few "he's a bit of alright" comments are okay. Endless "OMG MATT IS SO SUPAFITBUFF!!!!" posts aren't.

- No harrassing other members. I really don't expect this to happen so I won't be ruling with an iron fist or anything, but if anything comes up I will simply kick your ass. Just sayin'.

- Enjoy!

moderated by teruhiko and thekatiefactor